Programs » Sugar Industry Foundation, Inc.

SIFI's goal is to provide support services to the sugar industry, its workers, their families and dependents. Hence, the foundation has conducted and organized various projects for them. These projects are prioritized according to the following criteria:

  • Greater impact for change
  • Significant reach among sugar workers
  • Feasibility and sustainability
Four Pillars of Development

SIFI is currently aligning its programs and services to its broader mission and vision. To translate these statement into doable programs, the Board of Trustees has approved a 5-year plan which is known as the 4 Pillars of Development.

  • Education - Shall focus on dependents of marginalized workers of SIFI member organizaitons. Its biased shall be on college education, techdnical skills development, English and Math Proficiency and ICT.
  • Livelihood - Promote the development of cooperatives and sustainable enterprises in the milling districts by providing financial assistance and organizational and skills training.
  • Health - Provide at least 50% of sugar workers health insurance coverage and access to quality but affordable medical services and medicines. Shall also promote reproductive health and wellness in sugar milling communities.
  • Shelter - Shall implement shelter project in partnership with GAWAD KALINGA.